In a sad story breaking out of The Betoota Advocate’s newsroom this afternoon, the new FaceApp has handed out a crippling reality check today.

The app, which has taken social media platforms by storm in the last 24-48 hours, allows users to transform their faces in hyper-realistic form.

Coming with a variety of filters like gender, smiles and hairstyles, the age filter has been the most popular, with many taking to their accounts to post photos of what they will look like a few years down the track.

However, will it’s been all fun and games for most of those mucking around with the filters, that wasn’t the case for a small Pacific island nation a couple of thousands off metres of our coast.

When we dropped the little known tiny nation of Tuvanatu into the FaceApp and applied the age filter, it completely disappeared.

This comes after the world at large seeks to continue ignoring the fact that small Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian are facing a climate crisis, with many islands in those areas facing the prospect of going under the sea level, while a few already have.

Speaking to The Advocate over the phone today, a spokesperson from the FaceApp explained to us that they had a standard of realism to adhere too, and that applied to anything put into the app.

“Our desire to create hyper-real filters means that we have to make these smaller Pacific nations disappear into the sea,” the spokesperson said.

“Plug in the Great Barrier Reef and our age filter will turn it into dead white invertebrae breaking off into the sea.”

“It’s just the way it is. Don’t shoot the messenger, because your country refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the climate crisis thanks to its extremely short term misguided economic perspective.”


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