Local bloke Owen Hughes (32) is dinging like a dingus right now, as Olivia Rodrigo started playing right as his cap kicked in.

As someone who loves a day drink, Hughes’s favourite day of the year is triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown which usually involves a button up shirt that’s a bit too cheeky for work and at least one cap of MDMA.

Feeling the good times kicking in whilst navel deep in a kiddie pool, Hughes was ready to get up and cut shapes to whatever banger came on next but was left dripping and empty as the somber opening notes of Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo filled his ears.

“Oh,” stated Hughes, shivering both because of the drugs and the foot he hadn’t realised he had put in an esky.

“This isn’t a fun song. This is a sad song.” 

“I was sort of hoping for some Rufus Du Sol or some Jungle Giants. Fark, even some Lime Cordial would have gone alright but not this! This is sad man! This is….this is heartbreak….this is hurt.”

“Can somebody please give me a hug?” 


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