Independent senate candidate Jacqui Lambie has come out strong with some big promises just days before Tasmania joins the rest of the country at the polls.

18 months after having to resign from the Federal Senate due to her never-before-considered dual-citizenship status, Lambie is back and more Australian than ever.

Tasmania has six sitting senators up for election: three from Labor, one Liberal, a National and a Green – with Jacqui backing herself to peel the job off the latter two.

Speaking today at a press conference from the sideline of one of her nephews representative Aussie rules matches, Lambie has revealed that she’s not messing around – and has vowed to tackle the issues that are close to the hearts of all regional Tasmoiiinians.

Namely, the standard of volunteer umpires on the sidelines at provincial matches.

“How are our boys supposed to make the big time in Melbourne and Perth if the umpires are constantly getting the calls wrong she said”

“If elected into the senate, I promise to call for a Royal Commission into whether the umpires out this way are fucken blind”

The proposed inquiry will also cover the possibility that if, in fact, some of the umpires are fucken blind – are they only getting away with it because their eyes are fucken painted on.

Other campaign policies also look to combat ‘revenue razing’ highway cops and the increased threats of violence on the Burnie Buy Swap N Sell Facebook page.


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