Brisbane-based stay-at-home-mother-of-one, Rachel Irving-Valentine has indicated that the constant barrage of lunches heading into the silly season is also having a big effect on the nations full-time-mummies, not just their husbands who are coming home with a skinful  after their end of year office drinks.

Speaking to the Betoota ahead of a long lunch at home with the girls, she said ‘’I’m just out of time, I really am”.

“Normally our house keeper comes on a Sunday afternoon and this week she called in sick!

Fronted with the possibility of having to fire up up the steam cleaner, the distraught 40 year old has opted to relocate her end of year girl’s lunch to a restaurant in the CBD on one of the few days a week that her 54 month old is at day care.

Despite driving a fully loaded Toyota Landcruiser with a winch to and from the shops, she indicated that she had never really been past Brookfield, and despite travelling abroad in her early twenties had managed to hold onto her RM Williams boots she wears once a year to an array of EKKA events.

The Betoota quizzed on her thoughts about how people in the country would be spending their holiday silly season and she said that she was in constant awe of people in the country and how they manage to get everything done without access to the ‘fundamental but basic’ luxuries that she treats herself to.

“I couldn’t be much more remote than Ascot. We were looking at a place in New Farm but the parking was going to be a bit tricky”

“Plus, we are really settled in here in Ascot. We have the cleaner, the nanny. People in remote areas must struggle a bit”

“I mean the women out there must be really tough.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Raul down the street. Coffee is a big part of my daily ritual”

More to come.



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