As tensions in America continue to rise over the unlawful killing of yet another unarmed black man, scores of Instagram influencers have thrown their weight behind the black lives matter with a black tile.

The hashtag #blackouttuesday was quickly adopted worldwide by those who wished to show their solidarity, and though millions of genuine people used the black square as a way to shut down social media and encourage a much needed conversation, some had less genuine intentions for uploading the square.

One such social media who quickly jumped on the train was twenty two year old style influencer, Lizzie Morks, who’d had to exercise some restraint from uploading her latest shopping haul after reading the room.

Swapping her usual link to a fashion site with a link to a black lives matter petition, Lizzie had sadly had to hold off from offering her followers a redemption code for 20% off on some overpriced singlets.

Though she doesn’t really give a shit about anything outside of her increasingly irrelevant high school social circle, Lizzie is aware that as a mid tier influencer, it’s her duty to pretend she’s concerned with what’s happening in the real world.

But now that Lizzie has gotten the clout she so desperately needed by doing the bare minimum in showing her support behind the movement, She has decided that it’s time to quietly remove the black square – as it just doesn’t look that aesthetically pleasing given that her feed has more of a pastel colour theme.

In fear of vitriol from her followers, Lizzie has at least whacked up a BLM story icon between her trip to Milan and a vlog about lip fillers, where she’s dutifully thrown together a series of Martin Luther King Junior quotes.

More to come.


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