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A local ABC employee has pulled down his protest mask this afternoon to enjoy a well-earned Log Cabin and a cold Resch’s.

Bushfires still rage on the fringe of our inland community with no respite on the horizon. Because of this, many of our town’s Loud Australians have opted to wear a face mask so they can breathe easier.

Despite knowing full well that cloth facemasks do as much to protect his lungs from the fine particles found in bushfire smoke, Mark Smith wore one in protest of the government’s draconian environmental policy today.

But after coming in early this morning to fuck around and build up his flex hours, the 46-year-old (who The Advocate understands does something at the ABC related to Radio National), knocked off at 3 and headed down to the last original-ish pub in the heavily-gentrified French Quarter.

Once there, he got himself the first of three schooners he’ll have this afternoon, took it out onto the footpath where you aren’t really allowed to have them, pulled down his face mask and palmed up a bit of Log Cabin.

“You need to do that with this type of tobacco,” he said.

“See how Log Cabin comes in these strips? They smoke more like a cigarillo but you inhale. Just what I prefer! [laughs]”

“Plus, there’s nothing better than a cold beer after a tough week of building flex hours. Anyway, cheers, mate!”

The bar manager then poked his head out the door of the main bar and said Mark wasn’t allowed to have a drink outside and he’d have to come back inside.

“Fucking ScoMo,” he muttered.

“This place used to be an actual good pub back in the day.”

More to come.


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