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The windy, twisty roads of the French Quarter were once slick and greasy in the years before they were paved with cobblestones.

Nowadays, the cobblestones are long gone. Paved over with a thick, solid layer of bitumen, concrete and asphalt.

Thanks to the Simpson Desert tech boom that brought the likes of Packard-Bell and Compaq to move their headquarters to nearby Betootacone Valley, the streets in our cosmopolitan inland community are paved with gold.

That hasn’t stopped Michael Ross from worrying about getting bogged while he drives about town in his Jeep.

He told The Advocate that he feels anxious about losing traction when he leaves Coles every other day – so he does what every other self-respecting Jeep owner would do.

“I keep my recovery boards bolted onto my roof racks full-time just in case I get bogged leaving Coles or something,” he said.

“When it rains, the roads can get really slick and I’ve seen deep puddles form in the gutter outside Coles because some idiot decided to plant deciduous trees all over the French Quarter and the stormwater drains get clogged up,”

“Plus, it’s embarrassing to ask somebody to pull you out of a bog.”

More to come.


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