A young woman from the trendy suburb of Fitzroy has spoken to The Advocate today about just why the whole Brexit thing hurts so much.

The film student called Marsha Whish-Worthington from Melbourne’s equivalent of Betoota’s French Quarter told us that the breaking away of the United Kingdom from the EU is a sign of the sad deterioration of global geopolitics in general.

“Everything in this world is becoming so insular and isolated,” explained the young woman who doesn’t have a single friend (other than artists) who work with their hands for a living.

“We’ve worked so hard to make the world a better place over the last few decades and it all seems to be falling apart.”

Whish Worthington explained that it did dampen her spirits a little in regards to her half-baked plans to do the customary ‘Aussie living in London’ thing.

“Yeah if I am one hundred per cent the shines gone off the place a little,” said the woman who hasn’t been further out from the city than St Kilda in the last 12 months.

“And it just makes everything harder over there,” she said.

“Ughhhh, why does it have to be like this.”

Whish Worthington explained that she would probably be heading over to Shoreditch despite the whole Brexit mess, but she wished they would just back out of plans to leave the European Union.





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