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International man of mystery, magic and escape artistry, David Blaine, has defied death once again today by taking a flight on a crash-prone Boeing 737 Max 8.

The silky-voiced New Yorker took to the skies over America, shortly after Boeing and President Trump declared that the flying death trap was not airworthy.

It is understood by The Advocate that the 45-year-old was due to fly out of the Big Apple’s La Guardia airport shortly before noon local time but just before he was about to board the aircraft, the type-ban came into effect.

Unperturbed by this minor inconvenience, Mr Blaine used his sneak skills to shimmy around airline staff and onto the aircraft.

Once onboard, he was able to power the killing machine up and taxi down to the bottom of Runway 21 where he took off.

David credits his ability to do such things, he says, to the fact that his parents vaccinated him quite a lot as a child.

Once in the air, Blaine was said to mouth off at air traffic control as well as enjoying the things big airline don’t let you do on regular flights like as smoking and taking a shit in business class toilets.

David landed back in New York some 30 minutes after he first took off.

He was promptly arrested and charged with a number of capital offences.

His lawyer did not apply for bail.

More to come.


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