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A confused and lost Clive Palmer took to social media today to concede defeat against a tricky IKEA dining chair, saying it was an even contest but the Swedish piece was simply too powerful in the end.

But the barrel-chested Aries has said he’s not finished with the snooty chair, with the 64-year-old Victorian asking his followers for tips on how to conquer the project.

“I’ve been trying to put this chair together for six days now,” wrote Palmer.

“And I’ve always prouded [sic] myself on knowing when to admit defeat. Today is that day. But I’ll be back, followers. This Queenslander will not let this SWEDISH PIECE OF SHIT pull the wool over my face,”

“That’s where you come in, my friends. Does anybody in the Coolum area know how to put this together correctly? I’m getting sick of having my Calipos while standing up like I’m some hill billy at a stock car race. Please come to my house and do it and I will give you SOME money. “

It’s understood that a number of retrenched Queensland Nickel workers have expressed interest in coming over to Clive’s canal-side mansion to help him with the chair.

However, Clive has yet to respond to them.

More to come.


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