A local site manager responsible for overseeing the never-ending construction of Betoota’s light rail has today flexed on his subordinates with a sparkling clean pair of corporate-friendly work boots.

William Rogerson (38) says it’s about time these dumb tradies learn that he used to be one of them, before his basic management skills and punctuality landed him in the coveted position off the tools.

Complete with the steel capped toe, the khaki suede numbers could also be confused with trendy Timberlands, and is completely acceptable to wear to the head office with the actual suits.

To his credit, any accusations of him being a big shot have immediately been quelled by the all-terrain sided safety footwear.

So much so that William is now able to tell the other tradesmen exactly what he thinks of them.

“Oi make sure you’ve got someone spotting you in the fork you mouth-breathing shit-for-brains” he shouts at the morons running back and forth from the semi in forklifts.

“Pull your fucking heads in. We are burning daylight fuck ya and I don’t wanna be driving anyone to hospital”


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