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A ‘woman of science’ as had the subject of her Masters thesis explained back to her in the workplace today, prompting her to nod and smile and laugh a little bit to make the situation less awkward for the gentleman doing the explaining.

Broadcaster Alan Jones spend the minutes immediately proceeding the filming of his popular Sky News television show telling the station’s meteorologist about climate change.

“It’s just as hot now as it was when I was a kid,” Jones told the meteorologist, who asked to remain anonymous fearing retribution from the station executives.

“What’s happening now is a natural shift in climate, which is what has happened for millions of years. You do know that, right?”

The meteorologist nodded.

“So why do people keep whipping up the flames for division? I tell you, it really boils my blood,” said Jones.

“You’re a smart woman.”

From there, Jones excused himself from the room.

More to come.


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