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There’s a solid maternity leave waiting for him come February but for one local casual teacher, it might be too late.

For the past week, Martin Stevenson, Betoota Heights casual teacher, has been living on credit cards and the charity of his roommates.

He admitted to our reporter that he could’ve squirrelled some money away toward the end of last year to come him – or he could’ve found some summer work like the other casual teachers in our cosmopolitan desert republic are forced to do.

But he didn’t and now he’s looking for someone other than himself to blame for his predicament.

“Don’t talk to me about droughts. I’m living in one,” he said.

He spoke to our reporter this morning outside The Gelded Seahorse Hotel where he lost his wallet over the weekend.

Martin was looking in through the heavily tinted windows of the nightclub section of the pub, trying to see if anyone was in there at 7am on Monday morning. He was softly banging his head against the glass while cursing himself when our reporter happened upon the scene and told him to stop doing that.

“God fucking damn this summer,” he said.

“I’m flat broke. People are helping all these farmers out. How about people help the teachers out? We’re only teaching your children how to count, read and not end up in prison! Can you help me out?”

A cleaner then answered the door and Martin was able to explain his problem. Moments later, a manger appeared with Martin’s completely empty wallet. No cards, no cash, not even a receipt. Just a now-filthy brown leather wallet.

“Fuck me and fuck this life I’m living,” he said softly.

Our reporter offered him the other half of his egg and mustard sandwich. Martin physically recoiled and said he was fine.

More to come.


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