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After an awkwardly long radio silence from a certain popular clothing brand, fans of the brand awoke this morning to find that the brand had finally decided to speak up about the recent demonstrations around Black Lives Matter and the systemic racism that still exists within society.

It’s believed the brand’s founders thought “this whole BLM thing” would “blow over” and that they could just remain quiet about the issue. But with customers now paying attention to a brand’s values, the silence basically implied they don’t care about the issue.

After realising that their silence was being noted by their customers, the brand quickly scoured the internet to see how others were responding and proceeded to copy and paste a generic cop-out response already posted by a number of other brands.

“You may have noticed our silence over the past week. PLEASE don’t mistake that for acceptance of what’s happening in the world. While it may seem like silence to you, we have been busy learning, researching and really looking inwards to see if we are doing enough. We know we have a long way to go, but we are trying, we are changing, and we are working to make our brand and the world a more accepting place for everyone.”    

Rather than feeling comforted or at least relieved that the brand had finally spoken out, customers saw straight through their generic and insincere response.

A quick scroll through the Instagram comments made it quite clear that their fan base wasn’t buying it, not just the statement but likely their clothes in the future.

More to come.


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