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A sadist who moonlights at a Bachelor In Paradise producer has revealed to The Advocate that she hopes last night’s same-sex hookup is enough for viewers to start taking her show seriously.

Producer Tina Davis explained to our reporter that her team has been trying to come up with different ways to rejuvenate the stale hour of softcore pornography that is the Bachelor – some more successful than others.

All in an effort, she says, to make Australians forget about the unabridged zoo that was Married At First Sight.

“We did 48 takes of that kiss,” she laughed.

“It took a kilogram of chapstick and two boxes of this Mudgee rosé that’d lift the duco off a Kenworth but we got there,”

“We can only hope that was enough to win some viewers over from MAFS. Ever since it ended, we’ve been hellbent on getting folks over by any means necessary,”

“If this kiss fails to be the ratings bonanza we’ve been waiting for, we don’t know what to do. Short of getting Osh and Richie in the octagon for three rounds, I’m not sure what else we can do. My money is on Osh, just quietly.”

The Advocate reached out to the myriad of PR agencies still desperately trying to flog their MAFS contestant clients around the market but ultimately decided to submit the article and have a lie down in the staff room.

More to come.


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