The majority of players from Australia’s least successful major sporting code are today making the most of a well-earned offseason.

With 3 of Australia’s four Super Rugby team failing to make the Super Rugby finals, the Rebels, Reds and Waratahs are all currently treating their palette to some fine wine today.

Dressed in their best linen, chino shorts and boat shoes the players have hit the wineries in what promises to be a big day.

With no cameras around, and the Rugby Australia making sure that everything is watertight the boys have been given free rein to consume as much good quality vino as they’d like.

“Yeah, after a big season of underperforming and failing to get results on and off the field, the boys are having a well-deserved blowout,” an unnamed source inside Rugby Australia said moments ago.

“They deserve it ahead of the likely impending trainwreck that will be the Japan World Cup later this year.”

“Everyone’s looking good today which is great to see. Dressed up in their finest, semi-transparent white linen shirts, not stupid costumes like those leaguies and Victorian footballers.”

“And don’t worry, the boys all know what ‘their brand’ is worth so they won’t be yahooing on Snapchat or whatever if they decide to sample some of the regions vintage nosé if you know what I mean,” said the source before chortling.


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