Former Australian Prime Minister and respected Northern Beach elders, Uncle Tony Abbott has this evening backed backed fellow Indigenous Blues players Cody Walker, Josh Addo-Carr and Latrell Mitchell in their decision to stand silent during the national anthem.

Walker and Addo-Carr have been vocal this week in saying Advance Australia Fair does not represent Aboriginal people, refusing to sing it before the State of Origin opener.

Queensland outside back Will Chambers announced on Friday that he would also silently protest the anthem.

However, tonight, deep inside a corporate box at Suncorp – it seems Australia’s most prominent Indigenous figure is onboard as well.

Uncle Tony appeared to be lively during the pre-match performance by Briggs, but quickly changed his tune when the opening chords of the National Anthem began playing.

“Pffft” says Uncle Tony, while taking a sip from his schooner.

“This doesn’t represent me, or my people”


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