Russia has invaded Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin authorised a military operation in the Eastern European country.

The invasion follows months of Moscow massing troops near Ukraine, while the military waited to see just how well they did at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

With Western nations repeatedly expressing fears of just such an outcome, Russia had continued to deny any such plans, but obviously they were just being typical Russia – and wanted to spend one last games carving up the ice in peace.

As the pioneers of a large number of Winter Sports, Russia takes weird ass events like cross-country skiing and hurling very seriously, as you can imagine that enormous Slavs don’t do to well in the more noble summer sports like track and field.

Despite not even being allowed to compete as ‘Russia’ – the Winter Games hold an important place in the hearts of the very cold European nation.

However, some may say that it was the fact the ‘Russian Olympic Committee’ ended up placed at the embarrassingly low number 9 on the medal count, that Russian President Putin has invaded the Ukraine with such gusto.

With only 6 gold medals, 12 silver, and 14 bronze, the Russians had hoped for a much bigger final haul before being excluded from all world sport for the next decade.


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