Brodie Bancroft was once Betoota’s go-to man for an unboxed Nokia 3250.

If you knew the right people in town, you could be put in touch with this bloke and he’d hand you are dodgily acquired mobile phone for the price of $100.

And the spoils of his wealth would be on show every weekend at the local tav, with the freshest Bathing Ape hoodies and crispest NBA flat brims.

He started on the 3310s and rode the wave of grey market burners right up until Apple dropped the unhackable iPhone 5 in 2012.

Ironically, those who did business with him, knew to never use a phone to get in touch. Because when you’re flogging the stolen phones of teenagers in the basement of ya nanna’s house – you’ve gotta avoid the heat of the Queensland police at all costs.

However, nowadays, Brodie ain’t laying low anymore. In fact, if he’s got your contact details – you can expect up to 5 or 6 unsolicited emails a week.

“Haha. Nah I’m not about that life anymore” says the young Gary Vee enthusiast, as he huffs onto his Longmines Automatic stainless steel wristwatch, before giving it a polish with the corner of his purple paisley dress shirt.

“I been legit for a while now”

While Brodie can actually claim to be living a life that no longer draws the attention of local police, the suggestion that he is now of being ‘legit’ is very debatable.

He might no longer be jailbreaking hot mobiles, but he is undervaluing commercial properties and taking brown paper bag kick backs from local businesses chasing a better per square rate.

Like hundreds of thousands of other former small town bad boys, this twice divorced 33-year-old has pivoted seamlessly into the world of commercial real estate.

But he’s not just any commercial real estate agent. He’s the number one salesman in Betoota’s Mid-North Ward – according to the expert panellists at the annual BAGRAMPAGE conference (Betoota’s Awards For Greatest Realters And Manipulative Property Agents in the Golden Era).

“Yeah really found my groove in this game” says Brodie.

“These light industrial floor plans are easier to list than a pink Moto Razor”


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