Mining billionaire and prominent election meddler Clive Palmer has taken to hospital by ambulance this afternoon, after admitting to Covid-like symptoms earlier this week.

However, a spokesperson for Palmer has insisted the businessman was “just being tested” – which is kind of a weird reason for two ambulances to be sent to his house to pick up both him in his wife.

This comes after the anti-vax freedom advocate a cancelled a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra on Tuesday, after falling ill

Palmer has previously revealed that he was not vaccinated against Covid to a NSW Court, as well as his thousands of supporters, who are voting for him because they are sick and tired of public health orders getting in the way of their jet-skiing.

“I’m not vaccinated and I don’t intend to be vaccinated,” he also told an anti-lockdown rally in November 2021.

The United Australia party’s headquarters did not immediately respond to requests for comment, however they have since confirmed that there is a plan in place in case big Clivey bites the dust.

“Up next we’ve got Brendo. He’s the 2nd cab in the rank to lead this nation to freedom and prosperity” said the UAP spokesman.

Brendo, who has not provided a last name, is an aspiring polician who has spent the last two decades bouncing between high-paying unskilled jobs with the Pink Batts scheme, the NBN roll-out, and now the NDIS.

As a keen outdoors enthusiast, Brendo first got involved in the United Australia party after he was arrested for the 6th time by AFP officers for shooting pigeons on the fencline of the RAAF base.

His lifelong vendetta against the Family Court and speed cameras only cemented his anti-establishment attitude.

“United Australia will ban revenue RAZING !” Brendo posted to Twitter in 2020, his last public statement before getting caught up in the anti-vax movement.

“As wel as the family courts. They always faver the women”

The United Australia Party plans to run candidates in every seat at the upcoming federal election, with Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly now campaigning on a platform of removing Covid health measures and opposing vaccination mandates.

The UAP spokesman can confirm that there is not a chance in hell that they will be handing over Clive’s $80 million dollar advertising war chest to Craig Kelly, insisting that Brendo was far more trustworthy.


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