While the world deals with whatever strange things ‘the most uncertain of times’ throws at us, some things always remain the same.

And that has proven to be true this afternoon at small pop Covid-19 testing station somewhere in Auckland, after Sir Ritchie McCaw was spotted entering the queue to get tested, as he normally enters – from the side.

This comes as our neighbours across the dutch come to terms with a fresh potential outbreak, following four positive cases yesterday.

Following that news, a large number of Auckland residents went to get tested, and while most Kiwis patiently waited to have their tests done in line, a certain former All Blacks flanker was spotted acting in a very stereotypical manner.

Carrying a load of groceries he panic bought from Countdown, Sir Ruthchie was then spotted walking into the testing station and cutting to the front of the line.

“I saw the gate there at the frunt, but I hate going through those,” explained the dual World Cup winner to The Advocate this afternoon.

“So I just decided I’d come in from the side and gut my hands on a tust.”

“Easy as you like.”

The person conducting his test named Nigel Owens said he was happy with Richie’s actions and it’s believed the onlooking Kiwis gave him their blessing, and confirmed that what he did was completely legal.

More to come.


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