Multinational sporting body SANZAR have today shocked the Rugby World by admitting that they might have been wrong about something.

The admission of guilt comes as the nation of Japan continues hosting what will likely go down in history as the best version of the RWC so far.

That has lead to the South African, New Zealand and Australian organisation that facilitates a competition run nearly as poorly as the NRC, to admit that maybe it was a mistake to cut Japan from Super Rugby.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago over the phone SANZAR’s boss Jaco Van Der Saf Bias said that his organisation is feeling somewhat foolish for cutting the game in a potential giant growth area.

“Ya, look, obviously it might have been silly to cut the Sunwolves given the whole fever pitch of the World Cup that is leading to Sunwolves players becoming heroes across the 130 million strong nation,” he said.

“But, that’s what we at SANZAR do best, butcher the Super Rugby competition to the point where there’s only a few offcuts nobody wants.”

When asked about whether SANZAR should reconsider their decision, Van Der Saf Bias burst into laughter.

“No chance. That’s not what we do here. We are going to keep persevering trying to get a foothold in the 4 million-strong city of Melbourne where no one cares about the game instead of backflipping on the decision to cut Japan.”


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