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Getting away for the long weekend is something every young couple dreams of, usually to the East coast of our great state, but sometimes people decide to go South.

Tammy and Nick Ackley are a young couple who made the mistake of heading south, to Melbourne to be precise.

The couple explained to The Advocate that they wanted to go somewhere that felt like it was a foreign city, rather than just heading to the beach again.

“I mean, it’s a bit try-hard, but it’s different at least,” said Tammy, speaking about Melbourne.

“We want to treat ourselves when we’re down there too, you know, hit up all those fancy restaurants they don’t stop going on about” she continued.

“Yeah, we’ve put a fair bit away too” added Nick.

“But, fuck me, we’ve got to factor in an extra $1000 just to get out of the fucking airport!”

“Who builds an airport that far away from the city with basically no infrastructure to support it?”

“They should have used the bloke who planned the Betoota International Airport, people can get from there to the CBD in about 10 minutes”

“Anyway, c’est la vie” 


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