Matildas star Sam ‘Roy’ Kerr has left the soccer world in shock overnight, after receiving a yellow card for shoulder-charging a pitch invader in England overnight.

Kerr was playing for Chelsea against Juventus when a stupid young ran onto the field in an attempt to get a photo with opposing player, Magda Eriksson.

Kerr, who was standing near Eriksson on the pitch, put an Andrew Symonds-style shoulder charge on the moron who’d interrupted the match.

The pitch invader went down like a sack of shit, after feeling the full force of the Australian captain, who comes from a long line of Commonwealth boxers and AFL enforcers.

The vigilantism has been met with mixed reviews, with many Australians lauding Kerr for taking action after the security and police had failed. However, it seems the sensibilities of English fans were rattled by the scenes.

Who could forget Andrew Symonds’ impressive shoulder charge to flatten a streaker during an ODI clash agauinst India at the Gabba in 2008?

The scenes were reminiscent of the 2008 ODI cricket match between Australia and India, where North Queensland all-rounder Andrew Symonds also dropped his shoulder when a straker. got a little too close at the non-striker’s end, sending him to the ground and making an arrest that much easier for the pursuing police.

However, ‘Andrew Symondsing’ pitch invaders is not as acceptable for womens soccer stars in the UK, and the Australian captain Sam Kerr was penalised by the referee straight after her big hit last night.

Unfortunately for Kerr she was hit with a yellow card for her actions, which is a very pommy response to her very Australian cricket behaviour.


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