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A local NRL coach has today dropped one of his hottest press conferences yet.

The coach named Andy Wilkinson did so after his team was knocked out of the finals following a heartbreaking golden point loss overnight.

Speaking to the media scrum while the 19-18 point loss was raw, the generally subdued character unloaded on the officials, the system and the NRL at large.

Practically down on his knees begging for a healthy 10 grand fine, Wilkson began the fired up conference by accusing the refereeing officials of having some underlying agenda, in something akin to Geoff Toovey’s famous calls for there to be ‘an investigation.’

“Tell me, honestly, tell me how that system is fair,” said the coach who funnily never had problems with it before.

He then asked the random Rugby League reporter again, after no answer was forthcoming.

“No, come on, tell me, how is it? Honestly? Come on?” he said getting more irate.

“It’s ridiculous, the whole thing is ridiculous,” explained the coach refusing to acknowledge that his team had 84 minutes to win the game and didn’t.

He then continued.

“Now, I’ll probably get fined for this,” said the insightful team mentor.

“But that was bullshit. Those referees should never referee again, and I’d like to see how much pressure was put on them by the other team’s coach before the match.”

He then stormed off.


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