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The leftie hack bushfires sweeping across parts of New South Wales and Queensland are still carrying on their propaganda campaign today it can be confirmed.

This comes after a very scary week for residents of a large number of towns and regions, as terrifying bushfires ripped/rip through at an alarming rate.

It’s not yet known if the protests by the bushfires will subside, and if they do for how long, as records show that bushfire seasons are now drastically worsening and lasting for far longer than before.

While Scott Morrison managed to save some communities this week by changing the fire rating on the sign, it’s believed the angry bushfires are keen to continue there protest against climate change and its effects upon the natural environment.

This follows comments from other leftist extremists like the CSIRO, The Bureau of Meteorology and the Bushfire/Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre, that push propaganda regarding climate change impacting the severity of bush fires across the country.

It’s not yet known why the bushfires are protesting against climate change which would seem to provide them with a long term benefit, but researchers are keen to find that out when the prolonged fire season starts subsiding a bit.

Until then it’s believed that Australian’s living outside of major cities CBD’s will continue to face the wrath of the disasters as the nation’s politicians look on.


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