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Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has asked the CEO of the NRL for a bit of a hand this afternoon.

The General Manager of the Penrith Panthers did so when he asked Todd Greenberg to show him ‘how to delete these videos from the internet.’

Waiting for a press conference to start regarding the leaking of sex tapes involving Panthers players and the rumours that there are more to come, Gould quickly pulled Greenberg aside to see if he could offer some tech support.

“Oi Todd, your better with technology and all this shit than me, how do I just delete this videos?” a bemused Gus barked at Greenberg while he angrily toyed with his phone using a single finger.

A confused Greenberg then asked Gould if he wanted helped deleting the videos off his phone.

“No Todd, I want you to delete them off the internet so no one can see them anymore? You can do that can’t you? Jesus, I thought you fucking young people were alright with technology?” Gould then retorted.

Halfway through Greenberg trying to explain to Gould that you can’t delete stuff of the internet, one of the videos started playing, much to the anger of Panthers icon.

“No no no no, no!” barked Gould, becoming distracted by the phone and trying to stop the erotic film.

At that point Greenberg then became concerned, claiming to have not seen the video Gould accidentally played before.

“Fuck Gus, has the Integrity Unit seen that video? How many more have you got on there? This is fucked. I can’t deal with this shit anymore,” said Greenberg before the two began speaking at each other on different tangents and we decided to leave.

More to come.


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