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The Nightwatchman has lifted spirits in the Liberal Party room today with a spirited rendition of a particular song.

The Prime Minister did so this morning after being greeted by a fairly glum group of upper and upper-middle class white males as he walked in.

After a horror few months for Scott Morrison and his conservative party, the mass resignations ahead of the next election, and the impending wipe out likely coming up, many in the room feeling pessimistic about the weeks ahead.

Sensing the mood, Sco-Mo decided to burst into a chant popular on footy bus trips and sandstone university colleges.

“I wish that all the ladies,” he roared, making eye contact and nodding at Dutton and Abbott.

Meet with warm and vocal support back Morrison powered into a couple of well known lines to get the crowd really going.

He then let a new improvised line rip.

“I wish that all the ladies, wouldn’t leave the party,”

“And we were as popular, as Liane Moriarty!”

The chants then went on for nearly and hour, before someone tried to talk about policy and the room went silent.

More to come.


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