Aaron Emmet is studying harder then he ever has before.

Despite the fact that his VCE exams are in the rear-view, the young Dandenong man is frantically hitting the books.

The cause for the conjecture comes from the fact the promising young rover has been touted as a certain top 2 pick in next week’s AFL Draft.

The AFL Draft occurs each year, whereby clubs draft unsigned players to their organisations for the year ahead.

While many would think that the certainty of going top 2 would be something a high-school footballer would dream about, Emmet says he is dreading the fact he’ll have to serve the equivalent of 2 year’s National Service if he does – at the Gold Coast.

“Honestly, if you’d asked me a few years ago about whether I’d take the top billing I’d have bitten your hand off,” said Emmet taking a short study break.

“But now, with the wooden spoon enthusiasts getting some Priority Picks I can’t imagine much worse.”

“I’m just reading up about Vietnam era conscription at the moment.”

“Maybe I could try and seek an exemption from the National Service on religious grounds?”

“Or maybe I’ll fake an injury and they’ll try and trade me for a mid-range Victorian-based player.”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to it,” he said before walking back into the library.


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