Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just made a lot of environmentalists and scientists very mad it can be confirmed.

The PM just did so by destroying a long-held and widely regarded as irrefutable, scientific principle.

For years, environmental groups have adamantly protested that ‘You Can’t Eat Coal, Can’t Drink Gas’ in an effort to ensure that Federal Governments look beyond the parliamentary term for the first time since Federation.

However, that theory has just come crashing down after ScoMo ploughed through a 500 gram serving of Bowen Basin coal.

“Mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm (sic),” said a shuddering Morrison aggressively.

“This Middlemount coal sure is good shit,” he said attempting to wipe the coal smear marks off his face.

“Yep, give me some of that Coal Seam Gas too, please. This will wash it down nicely”

He then continued to consume the fossil fuel much to the horror and disgust of the onlooking reporters, including a Canberra Times reporter who fainted.

“I think you’ll find that’s checkmate inner-city lefties,” said Morrison letting out a big coal burp.

“And cheque, please mate, resources industry,” he laughed.

Morrison then refused to take questions on Climate Change and it’s link to the devastating bushfires currently ravaging the East Coast of Australia.

“One greenie myth at a time please.”


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