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The warmer weather is definitely upon us here in Betoota and one local tech specialist has not let the opportunity pass him by, forgoing his usual collared shirt and slacks combo and opting instead for a t-shirt and below the knee cargo shorts.

Kevin Atink’s fashion choices are not particularly ballsy, yet it has a number of his colleagues commending him for his confidence.

“Fark, you’d have to be so confident to get those pins out without fake tan,” remarked one woman.

“I don’t know what it is, but seeing a male colleague’s legs is just icky.”

“They’re so pale and hairy, I feel like I shouldn’t be seeing them”

When asking Kevin about his sartorial choices, the moon-skinned man didn’t seem to understand why wearing shorts was such a big deal.

“Chicks wear shorts all the time when it’s hot, why can’t I?”

“Isn’t that kind of double standard what you call sexist?”

More to come.


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