Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic has been given an ultimatum by the the Australian Government this morning. Either pack your bags, or pack some boxes.

This comes as the 34-year-old faces deportation from Australia after his visa was cancelled this morning.

The non-stop drama that surrounds the stroppy Serb continues, as Djokovic landed at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport late last night and was almost immediately detained by Australian Border Force officials.

In a statement, the ABF confirmed Djokovic did not meet the entry requirements and his visa was cancelled.

“Non-citizens who do not hold a valid visa on entry or who have had their visa cancelled will be detained and removed from Australia,” the statement said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reacted to the decision, tweeting that “rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders.”

“No-one is above these rules,” he said.


“I’ve been speaking to Barnaby…”

“And if the Tennis world number one was interested in taking part in this cool little program we have for foreigners…”

As the Prime Minister explained, all Novak would have to do is three months of indentured servitude filling boxes of fruit out the back of the Riverina, working for a farmer who also charges him $300 a week in rent to live in a shipping container with 8 sets of bunk beds.

“Or you know… We could just deport him” said the Prime Minister.

Djokovic, who was already furious about having just flown 24 hours to a country that won’t even let him in over visa issues, told the ABF that he was willing to explore every option other than deportation – as long as it meant he could have a hit of tennis at some point.

Without getting too much more information, Djokovic blindfolded and transported in the back of a van to irrigated fruit farm on the outskirts of Griffith, where he will now complete his Working Holiday Visa requirements.

“He’ll be fine” said the Prime Minister.

“I think they make about 2 bucks a box of fruit.”

“And the private third-party labour hire company that organised his placement have assured me that there’s a clay tennis court out behind the local primary school”

“They might let him head down there for a bit of a hit out after Church on Sunday”


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