It can be confirmed today that the nostalgic and iconic singer Darryl Braithwaite no longer needs to play more than one or two gigs a year.

The 69-year-old responsible for the anthemic song Horses told us that he can now get by on an annual performance at Melbourne’s Spring Carnival.

“I don’t ever need to set foot in a Pub or RSL again,” Braithwaite said to us today.

“I obviously will, because that’s who I am, but that is just for fun. For the people who like my other songs.”

The artist who does have numerous other songs and albums has been thrust back into the national spotlight in recent times with, with Horses surging back onto the scene aboard an incredible wave of nostalgia.

Featuring prominently on any house party, 21st, function or pub playlist, Horses has reached Shannon Noel levels of somewhat ironic popularity.

Braithwaite told us that they might call Winx the ‘The Queen of The Valley’ but he was there long before her and will be there for a long time after she goes.

The song has also become an institution at Melbourne’s Cox Plate and the city’s Spring Carnival, and as a result, Braithwaite can life comfortably live off less than an hours work a year.

Braithwaite told our reporters that he has been booked in to perform at the Cox plate till 2030.

“I’ve been doing them for over a decade, and no one seems to be getting sick of it. So they’ve booked me in for as long as I’m able to give it a whirl on stage,” he said.

“I don’t even need to do a set anymore.”

“This year I just sang Horses three times in a row. The transition was pretty rough between looping the song on itself, but no one seemed to even notice.”







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