Gillion Andersen has finally shaken his builder’s hand today and put the cherry on top of his new reno.

The 52-year-old father of 2 smiled at his builder’s handiwork after the new carport he wanted to protect one of his most prized assets, reached completion today.

The Graphic Designer from Betoota’s French Quarter decided to undertake the ‘stressful’ and ‘onerous’ task of redoing his carport as a treat to his beloved Saab.

“I love her,” he laughed motioning to the 2000 model car.

“I also love my wife,” he chortled, flicking some European brand cigarette onto his driveway.

Like many Gen Xer’s around the country, Andersen explained that the Saab brand has always had a special place in his heart.

“They are beautiful in their own right. An ‘anti-brand’ brand,” he explained.

“The Swedish automobile perfectly says fuck conformity, and fuck the system that has benefited us so well you know.”

“So that’s why I needed to protect my baby,” he said referring to the car with an inexplicably placed ignition and an engine that would be better suited to a motorised scooter.

“Lord knows what I’ll do if I have to get another car,” he said referring to the fact that Saab has been defunct for a few years now.

Andersen then told The Advocate that he isn’t like every other Gen X who loves the ‘left of centre brand.’

“Did you see the way my name was a spelt,” he said.

“Not your typical ‘Anderson.’ I mean my family’s been in the country for 3 generations, but there is a bit of Scandi blood running through my veins.”

“Geez they’ve got it right over there,” he said before launching into a lecture about the ways in which Scandinavian country’s are miles ahead of us.

Our reporter left at that point.



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