Employees at Betoota’s Culture Kings store have been called into the team meeting room this morning in the wake of some big news.

The ‘iconic streetwear brand’ popular amongst soundcloud enthusiast whiteboys and scaffolders across the country, has been abuzz today as the Los Angeles Lakers prepare to tip off against the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. 

“Let’s go dawg,” said one team leader at the local Culture Kings wearing a pair of camouflage cargo pants that are particularly baggy in the crotch section.

Lebron James, widely regarded as one of the best to ever play the game, will go a long way in the GOAT conversation if he can win another title this year. 

It has been revealed moments ago that the iconic Australian streetwear franchise has already sold out of LA Lakers snapback hats nationwide.

“Bro, LeBron’s the GOAT.”

“This series is gonna be so epeic bro” the team leader said while toying with the outline of a star cut into his fade.

“Is AD gonna stop Bam? Are Herro and Robinson gonna shoot lights out, is the GOAT gonna Goat? SO many questions bro.”

“I would love to just chill with all the boys and watch it on the screen in store, but we gotta sell sell sell bro, so I’m just gonna duck off for the end of the 4th quarter.”

“Anyway dude, gotta bounce, bit of hustling to do down on the floor.”



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