A local tertiary-educated upper-middle-class inner-city terrace house resident has today given a bold and scathing review of yesterday’s US Presidential Debate.

Speaking to The Advocate from an Old City District Cafe where he likes to start off his day with a nice long black, Eck O’Chamber revealed that he was personally appalled by the state of that debate yesterday.

“I am just so horrified at the intellectual standard of what was supposed to be a high brow argument to appeal to the US masses,” began the architect.

“I really can’t believe that Joe Biden stooped to Donald Trump’s level,” said the man who will cry again if Trump wins, but still hasn’t come to terms with any of the flaws of the Clinton campaign in 2016.

Asked if he wanted Biden to just give Trump death stares as Clinton did in 2016 and try to enter into a measured a reasonable conversation with a mudslinger who just lies through his teeth so frequently that people have given up fact-checking him, O’Chamber said he just wished Biden was a bit more ‘presidential.’

“I don’t know, he’s supposed to be a presidential candidate and he told Donald Trump to shut up. I mean my god,” said the man who thinks the entire state of Queensland is dumb and fails to see any link between dissociation between the working and middle class and the nature of the elite political class.

O’Chamber explained that he will give anything for Trump not to win, but he still wishes Biden could maintain a bit of dignity.

“I just don’t think getting down in the trenches and throwing a few verbal jabs is the way to beat Trump, beat him through reason and well-articulated argument,” he said, sighing and refreshing his Twitter feed which contains none of the fake news memes that have galvanized the right.


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