A local motorsport fan has been caught on his hands and knees frantically digging the ground up for some buried treasure this afternoon.

In one of the less busy areas of the Mount Panorama grounds, Clint Simpson was doing so today, trying to find the nest of White Eggs (or Jim Beam cans as they are known to some) he buried in the ground.

“Fuck, they’re here somewhere,” he said, throwing dirt everywhere like a bush turkey.

The great Bathurst 1000 is taking place in the Southern NSW town this weekend, but it’s stringent COVID-19 rules have forced regulars to adapt.

“This week, fuck it’s changed mate,” he said to our reporter on the ground there.

“No BYO this year. Last year it was only a case a day. If you’re here from start to finish, a case is nothing mate,” he puffed.

Organisers have only been able to sell 4,000 tickets a day, compared to the usual 50,000, and camping is off the cards.

“Fuck, here we we go, here they are,” he said rapidly throwing dirt behind him and pulling out a dirty, but full strength can of Jim Beam and coke.

“You beauty, there’s 24 more down here. I came in a few days ago late at night and buried em. I’m not fucking lining up to pay what they want for all me drinks.”

“Fuck that.”

“You want one,” he generously offered, chucking up the white gold to our reporter.

More to come.


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