Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today moved to assure the country that we aren’t in need of a Federal style ICAC at all.

The man who previously labelled calls for a Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Sector a “populist whinge,” explained that everything in federal politics is ship shape corruption wise.

The PM’s comments come after a hell of a week down in NSW, where widespread revelations of corruption have been aired.

Morrison, who vigorously opposed a Banking Royal Commission, which subsequently revealed widespread immoral and criminal conduct across the industry, told The Advocate today that the ‘public don’t have anything to worry about.’

“Look, in this country, the greatest country on earth if I do say so myself, you’ve gotta (sic) be able to take a bloke on his word, and trust his word,” Morrison said.

“Now, I’m as fair dinkum as they come, and I can tell you hand on heart, that there is nothing untoward going on in federal politics to warrant an anti-corruption commission being set up.”

“Just like there was nothing crook happening in the banking industry. So setting up a Federal ICAC would just be a giant waste of time.”

Morrison then explained that even though state politics has been riddled with high profile cases of corruption, from Jackie Trad to Gladys and Daryl, To Eddie Obied and Ian Macdonald, to Barry O’Farrel to Adam Somyurek etc there is nothing to worry about at a national level

“Trust me, it’s all squeaky clean. And if it wasn’t we’d be calling it out and reporting it to the authorities without a doubt.”

More to come.


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