Australian Federal Treasurer and former representative tennis star, Josh Frydenberg MP, has spent the last couple of days reminiscing about that sliding doors moment that saw him put down the tennis racquet and get himself fitted for a overpriced navy suit.

The Member For Kooyong made the short trip into Melbourne Park from his electorate office on Sunday, where he watched a bit of the Australian Open, did a bit of media, and caught up with some old friends from his days as one of Australia’s next possible tennis champion.

While Frydenberg’s past life as a former tennis prodigy that once played against and alongside Phillipoussis and Rafter, is one that Scott Morrison works tirelessly to keep out of the media, out of fear that his Deputy might become dangerously more popular with the Australian people. However, it certainly isn’t something that he is able to forget himself.

After finishing high school, he took a gap year to play tennis full-time in Australia and Europe, a short-lived career that culminated with the Liberal politician representing Australia at two World University Games.

This Treasurer eventually gave the game away after realising that John Howard’s Liberal Party was in dire need of some young, multicultural influences. It was a career path that required far less natural talent and strategy.

However, it was over a few Pure Blondes in the VIP lounge with the Scud and Pat that he was overwhelmed with joyful memories of this old life, where each day was spent striving for excellence through a results-based work ethic, research and teamwork.

“What are you up to nowadays, Josh?” asked the Treasurer’s former contemporary, Mark Phillipoussis.

“Ahhh. You know. Bit of this. But of that” said JoFry.

“But, ya know. I do miss this”

“Don’t we all” said Pat Rafter.

“But we are too old for the circuit nowadays, mate. We couldn’t last out there on the court. Not like we used to anyway”

All three men nod in agreeance, but Josh wasn’t talking about the bright lights.

“Nah like..” said the Treasurer.

“Just this kinda operation. The tournaments. You don’t get this in my line of work. Having a reliable team around you. Everyone knowing their roles. Bit of accountability, a common goal. That’s what I miss about tennis. It’s not even the score board for me. It’s working with competent fucking people that I miss”

It was at this point that Mark Phillipousis remembered that his former training partner was in fact the second most powerful politician in the country.

“Ahh fuck. Is it that bad in Canberra?” asked the Scud.

Josh sighs.

“You have no fucking idea mate”

“It’s… a bit like Djokovic’s pandemic Adria Tour.”

“But every day of the fucking year”


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