Australia’s Queen of the Quiche Tin, Donna Hay, is set to launch a brand new cookbook in response to the nation’s unfolding supply chain crisis.

The new book, Farm To Air Fryer, is designed to assist Australians as they continue to aimlessly wander the freezer section of their local supermarket wondering what to have for dinner.

Off the back of her bestselling books Brilliance to Basic and One Pan Perfect, Hay told The Advocate the collection of air fryer friendly meals was inspired by a recent culinary adventure to a suburban supermarket, where even she struggled to put together a full meal without padding it out with some frozen peas.

“Of course my cooking mantra has always been ‘Fresh, Quick and Easy’, but since every lettuce leaf north of Wagga Wagga is a bit yellow at the moment, I can only write about the quick and easy part!”

“Yes there’s been some dire meals in the Hay household this past month, I even had to air fry some of those frankfurts wrapped in puff pastry the other day, even with a sprinkle of fresh parsley on top my dinner guests weren’t that impressed!”

Having made a lucrative career out of teaching the Australian public how to properly layer a Mars Bar slice, Hay said she was excited to once again step up as the Jamie Oliver of our nation and inspire Aussies to get in the kitchen once more.

Asked about her new love affair with her air fryer, Hay conceded that even she was a convert of the latest kitchen mod con.

“Every Mum at school pickup won’t shut up about them, so I jumped into the fad and it’s honestly changed my life”

“I got so desperate the other day I floured and crumbed a Maxibon and my God it was delicious!”

“Who needs a chocolate raspberry soufflé when you can have that every night!”

Farm to Air Fryer will be launched next week and available in all good bookstores.


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