The Spirit of Cricket is rolling in its grave this morning, after having the Australian team spit in its face.

Famous for it’s desire to see the English cricket team win matches playing the greatest style of cricket ever seen by humankind (aka scoring at one more run an over and making wildly foolish declarations and lack thereof), The Spirit of Cricket is coming to terms with a rather unsatisfactory result.

This comes after the Fourth Test at Old Trafford was rained out.

The quintessentially English weather saw play abandoned on day 5 without a ball bowled, with only a few overs bowled the day before.

That wash out means Australia takes a 2-1 lead into the final test.

According to cricket tradition, which only applies to the English when it suits them, a team must outright win a series to reclaim a trophy.

A drawn series means that the team who holds the Ashes, keeps it.

While the rules of cricket tend to even out in the end, the likes of Stuart Broad have publicly claimed that the result was ‘unjust.’

Those comments follow on from previous ones by his coach Brendon ‘Baz the Genius and Wise’ McCullum who said that it felt like England won the first test.

Despite benefiting from their incredible shit weather in 2013 to retain the Ashes on home soil, it seems like English are seeking to forget history once again.

“It’s just not fair, we played such good cricket and the rain ruined everything,” said one salty Englishman this morning, acting like Australia winning the first two tests isn’t the reason we retained the Urn.

“Philosophically we were better.”

“We actually won when it comes to the spirit of cricket,” said the man who lost when it comes to the scorecard of cricket.

More to come.


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