If you had a pin, and were in Megan Grace’s 2014 Ford Focus, and you dropped it right now, you could likely hear it’s impact on the abrasive carpet below.

This comes as the automobile makes its way past the outer suburbs of Toowoomba, with a bunch of young revellers from Betoota currently making their way home.

Nearly 140 minutes past their very pre-emptive stop at a Chinderah roadhouse to indulge in some deep friend food and a surprisingly okay coffee, the road tripping comrades have entered their second hour of complete silence.

Not even some gentle ambient music is getting a run.

The quiet time comes after 3 days and 4 nights of full blown hedonism and joy, with the group enjoying everything from Flume to Pussy Riot and the random good times along the way.

Messaging The Advocate via a popular encrypted communications platform, big John from the backseat told us that everyone is feeling a little empty.

“Yeah lol,” he began the stream of consciousness via message.

“We are struggling a little bit,” continued the man who was uncontrollably dancing on the hill as the sun set yesterday evening.

“I feel like someone snuck into my tent, surgically removed half of my brain and zipped me back up again,” continued the man who told multiple random strangers how much he loved them over the last couple of days.

“All worth it though”

“To experience joy, you have to experience sadness and emptiness”

“What goes in must come out, and a couple of soulless days post Splendour is the trade off for 3 days of partying and boogying.”

“Fuck Flume was good.”

“So was J Balvin. You should listen to that Short King.”

“Can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

“But for now, we need to get home, and I need a warm shower.”

More to come.


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