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If there’s one thing in life that local woman Hailey Beckett wishes she had, it was thick hair.

Having been burdened with the combination of thin and oily hair, Hailey couldn’t get extensions even if she could afford the upkeep. Nor did she have the patience for a wig, which would do little to help her intermittent dandruff.

As hard as she tried, Hailey found it impossible to practice the art of acceptance, nor would she ever stop yearning for hair like Kate Beckinsale. Especially as her hair was so thin, she could loop it into a bun without a hair tie.

However, what makes having thin hair the worst is dealing with people constantly offering their two cents, such as ‘just don’t wash it every day’ or thick-haired mates insisting that having glorious locks is not what it’s cracked up to be – such as her friend Rachael, who feels the need to give unwarranted feedback whenever Hailey complains about her hair woes.

“Thick hair gets sooo hot though”, says Rachael, grimacing as she runs her fingers through her perfect, luscious hair, “sometimes I have to shave underneath during summer.”

“And it takes FOREVER to dry.”

“I honestly wish I had less hair.”

More to come.


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