A bloke has tonight made the mortal mistake of forgetting he’s out with the work crew and not his usual derelict mates, it’s reported.

Mike Eastes [26] is alleged to have knocked back a few Friday afternoon bevvies with some of his teammates, who were all keen for a beer after a week of annoying people on LinkedIn, a.k.a the recruitment life.

As they’d tossed around stories about their favourite angry response of the week, which saw one of the junior employees copping a mouthful from an irate SEO technician who was ‘fine with his role so fuck off’, the employees at Knobson & Co seemed keen to continue the fun – opting for a local bar and grill to continue more work talk.

But for Mike, attempts to shield his workmates from his real personality has gotten more difficult, the more rum and cokes he’s knocked back.

Especially when he deemed the multiple trays of shots as proof that the group would be down for something a little more illegal.

It’s reported that as soon as it ticked past ten o’clock, Mike had suggested switching the party up another gear, through a series of vague suggestions.

However, the fact that no one could understand should have been evident enough that his workmates were not seasoned partiers. 

“Should we lift off”, asks Mike, raising his eyebrows, “get on it?”

When he was met with confusion, Mike mumbled something about getting another round and quickly messaged his mates about potential kick ons elsewhere.


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