A local psychologist has today questioned her intelligence after a card game had her staring around the room in confusion, it’s reported.

Anna Leeds [26] is alleged to have been invited to a friend’s ‘Monday madness’, which saw her group of friends regularly playing games, including Chameleon, Mysterium, Monopoly Deal and the breaker of all friendships, ‘Code names.’

Anna has been invited to play ‘Resilience’ for this week’s game, which is similar to secret Hitler and Werewolf.

As explained by her friend Sam, players either pick up a black card or a red game, with each colour denoting a role – villager or a spy. The spies’ role is to win and avoid suspicion, whereas the villagers need to quickly find out which people are sabotaging, resulting in many wild accusations and hostility. 

And though this seemed like a simple enough explanation, Anna finds herself asking yet again, what on earth is going on.

“Wait, so spies know who’s a spy?”

“What do I do with my original card?”

“How many rounds do you have to win?”

“Is it one spy this round or two?”

“I’m so confused.”

More to come.


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