A local Dad is rushing to head to the shops this morning, after learning the Royal Betoota Show is about to arrive in town. 

Interrupted from his slow morning flicking through the printed pages of this very masthead, local father of three, Craig Philpott (53), appeared anxious to shoot down to the local hardware store.

“Guys I’ve gotta get down to the shops, I’ll see you later,” exclaimed Mr Philpott as he sprinted out the front door.

Leaving behind half a piece of Vegemite slathered toast and the dregs of a pod capsule coffee, The Advocate believes the rather hurried exit was spurred on by a full page spread, announcing the Betoota show was returning to town.

The arrival of the once great agricultural festival, which recently spent a weekend in nearby Windorah, had signalled to the local Betoota Dad that it was time to invest in some new bike locks.

“When those semi-trailers roll into town carrying those death trap rides, the kid’s faces just light up with joy,” said Mr Philpott.

“But I don’t see any laughing clowns, I see a high chance that my mountain bike is about to be lifted from my back porch and go for a travelling tour round Australia.”

When quizzed about his preferred lock of choice, Mr Philpott said he would be increasing his investment in bike security this year round.

“Last year I got one of those cheap 4-digit combo locks, but of course the carnies tore through it like a bag of Fairy floss.”

“Nup! This year I’m going to Bunnings and buying 2 metres of 16mm chain and a Lockwood Solid Brass padlock.”

“If I don’t give our bikes a triple wrap of steel I reckon they’ll end up at the Ekka sometime next year”.

The Advocate understands Mr Philpott arrived at the local hardware store just in time to purchase the very last length of chain in town.


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