In a shocking turn of events, Betoota man Greg Murphy (41) has learnt that his brother-in-law was telling the truth when he claimed to be terrible at golf.

According to Murphy, he had always assumed that his brother-in-law, Dave Jenkins (36), was exaggerating his lack of golfing skills as a way to downplay his own abilities, either to fleece him out of some cash or out of some fucked up sense of humility.

However, a recent round of golf with Dave proved that his claims were extremely accurate and possibly even a little understated.

“I thought he was just being modest or something,” stated Murphy who couldn’t believe his BIL wasn’t taking putting a ball in a hole seriously.

“But man, he really sucks at golf. It’s almost impressive how bad he is.”

“Imagine Happy Gilmore’s putting but for every stroke.”

Despite playing like an elbowless convict who really needed to go to the loo, Murphy says that Dave remained in good spirits throughout the game and even somehow found his failure on the green really funny.

“He never once got frustrated or angry. That’s just complete bullshit. He realises one day he’s going to be a retired man who is bad at golf? That’s the worst possible thing you can be in Australia!” 

“He thinks it’s funny, like it’s all a great big joke that my limited edition Brisbane Lions ball is at the bottom of the lake!”



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