This time it’s different. This time the rally is going all the way to the moon and we’re all gunna make a quick million bucks.

Over the last few years, with each revelation of how the world of cryptocurrency has become a crime infested pyramid scheme full of ruthless con artists, some critics have said Bitcoin is now a worthless joke. 

These same critics have implied that Bitcoin has no inherent value, due mainly to its lack of any inherent value, and that it will never amount to anything because the only practical use-case it has is for criminals to launder money unmolested.

These critics are wrong. And I for one will laugh when they find themselves experiencing deep FOMO after missing the boat on this one of a kind, titanic Bitcoin rally that is happening right now

This is the rally where we all buy Lambos. The one where we go for broke and make a quick million bucks before the year’s out. The one that the future poets sing songs about.

This is why you should put all your money eggs into the Bitcoin basket again, because we’re on the ground floor of the rally to end all rallies. And even though we know deep down that the value of Bitcoin going higher depends solely on whether there’s another sucker out there who thinks it’s slightly more valuable than what you paid for it, this is the rally where you get to retire early.

Because by the end of 2023, Bitcoin will be valued over $250,000 USD per coin. Meaning that if you buy now, you’ll make so much money you won’t know what to do with it – not that you’ll be able to do much with it considering the transaction lag times and fluctuating costs of moving your Bitcoin from exchanges to wallets or, Satoshi forbid, out of crypto and into fiat currency!

Don’t wait until 2024 when Bitcoin is guaranteed to have rallied up to $500,000 USD. It’ll be too late. This is the rally that lets us forget about the pyramid scheme. This is the rally where we all become Lambo driving millionaires by the end of the year.

This one feels different. I just know it.

*The above is sound investment advice and you should buy Bitcoin. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance because future performance is gunna be so much better


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