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Rumour has it that Geelong’s dual-premiership winning coach Chris Scott has offered to secretly swap roles with Essendon’s new coach – his brother Brad – if Brad proves unable to get the Bombers an early win this year.

The offer bodes well for the Bombers given that Chris Scott holds the highest winning percentage of all AFL coaches today. 

Identical twins since birth, Chris and Brad have always looked alike. And it’s this uncanny physical similarity that makes Chris think nobody will notice they’ve swapped roles.

The Advocate spoke with Chris earlier today to learn just how he intends to pull this one off.

“My name’s Brad,” Chris said sternly, seriously offended.

Our reporter chuckled nervously but after a long silence of Chris remaining deadly serious, we turned to the media manager and asked ‘is this guy kidding or not?’

“You’re calling me Chris but I’m Brad,” the Scott brother in front of us who we thought was Chris repeated. “You’re interviewing Brad Scott.”  

Oh no. Realising the terrible error our reporter had made, the Advocate apologised to Brad and tried to move on by asking about the year ahead for the Bombers, gently querying the man if he would entertain his Brother’s offer.

“I’ll get the boys a win without Chris’ help,” Brad said defensively. “You know what, excuse me but I need some air.” He removed his mic and abruptly left the room.

Our reporter then gave the media manager the biggest evils and told them to get Brad back in here.

Brad returned, seemingly more relaxed now, and the interview continued. The Advocate was about to him the next question but then realised something was… off.

In the 5 minutes that Brad had gone out and come back, his hair had somehow grown 6 inches longer and on his previously clean-shaven face was now a beard.

The Scott now in front of us was smirking and spoke in what can only be described as a comically high-pitched squeal. He said: “Teehee, I’m Brad Scott but my brother Chris is the best coach in the AFL!”

Brad or Chris then giggled uncontrollably.

Our reporter was certain the brothers were messing with us but didn’t dare address the issue because it’s un-PC to call out identical twins for pretending to be one another.

Isn’t it?


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