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A local woman has told The Advocate today that she’s had to rethink her opinion of her dad, after hearing her parents ‘cute’ how we met story.

Though Louise Gunn had heard the story roughly several times already, this was the first time she’d truly absorbed the…finer details of exactly what they were saying.

Chatting to our reporter, Louise says she initially found the story wholesome but was soon left feeling pretty fucking horrified by her parent’s nonchalant behaviour about what essentially was a form of grooming.

“Apparently they met at the gym when the whole 80s aerobic classes were all the rage”, explains Louise.

“Mum said she wasn’t too keen on him and rebuffed his first few attempts, but he just kept pestering her.” 

“Or ‘pursuing’ her, if I heard correctly.”

Adding that her dad had been in his mid twenties while her mum had only been seventeen, Louise says she hates that this was once considered acceptable.

“That’s a massive power imbalance. It’s not the age gap that’s the bad thing, it’s the stage of life it’s happening in.”

“A 17 year old has no idea who they are, they’re basically putty.”

“He was a grown ass man? What the fuck did they talk about?”

Despite having a go at her parents for what she considered predatory behaviour, Louise was simply informed that it was ‘a different time’ and that dating someone that much younger was perfectly normal.

“If any of my mates dated a teenager I’d fucking cut them off so fast.”

“Could he not find a woman his own age?”

“Dunno, sounds fucking suss.”

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